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Treasure hunting is done by treasure ships. The treasure ship sets out to look for treasure and will return after a set period of time. Depending on the quality of the treasure hunter used for the ship (NOT the size of the ship), the treasure found could be various goods, items or parts required in the construction of monuments. You'll be notified via mail (from the Harbourmaster's office) when the treasure is available.

The size of a treasure ship only affects the number of item slots the ship has, which allows you to equip more sails so that the ship requires less time to do its treasure hunting.

The 3 levels of treasure hunters are all bought at the Shop (under the Tavern tab). They are listed below:

  • Inexperienced (Tier 1; available @ 900 vassals)
  • Experienced (Tier 2; available @ 1000 merchants)
  • Lucky (Tier 3; available @ 1000 imperials)