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Allows you to trade goods with other players and Northburgh. Apart from the store, it's the only way to get goods you cannot normally produce by yourself (Spices, Indigo and Silk).

Trade Storehouse must be placed on a free pier slot. After placing, click on the Harbourmaster's office, where a "Slot empty" button appears, and you can select Buy or Sell.

For buying, choose good and player (they are sorted from the lowest price per unit), then your trade ship. Your coin will disappear immediately and goods will appear when your ship comes back. Goods that cannot fit into your warehouse are stored in the storehouse until there is space in the warehouse. You can choose to destroy excess goods to free up the storehouse for another trade.

For selling, choose good, set amount that you want to sell and a price per item. Then, wait for someone to accept your offer (you will gain notification "Transaction Accepted"). After the trade ship comes (notification "Trade Completed") your trade slot is again free. It takes five days for your offer to expire. If you obtain more coin than what your Treasury can hold, the excess coin is stored in the storehouse. You can choose to destroy excess coin to free up the storehouse for another trade.

You do not need a trade ship for selling goods. Also, as long as there are goods and/or coin stored in the storehouse, the storehouse cannot be used for another trade. Each trade storehouse can buy or sell only one type of resource.