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Trading in Anno Online is the act of buying and selling resources. To trade, you need to go to your Harbourmaster's office and select a trade storehouse slot to buy or sell goods of your choosing. To be able to trade, you need a Pier, a Trade storehouse built on the pier, and a trading ship (ship built with a Merchant bought from the Tavern in the Ruby store) for buying goods. You must have at least 250 Merchants before you can build the infrastructure required for trading.

Trade only items[]

As you cannot produce them yourself, you have to trade for these goods. Use your trade menu, select the type of goods you want and then choose the tab “Trader”. There, you will find the offer from your friend Northburgh (or Mercante, in late game). But be careful, as even Northburgh does not produce these goods by himself and is dependent on his trading partners. This leads to fluctuating prices. If you want to get the best price, you have to check prices often.

Trade-only items include Spices, Indigo, and Silk.

Profiting from Trade[]

One rule of thumb for earning Coin through trading is to price your goods higher than their production costs. For goods that are consumed by the population, setting the unit price at a level higher than what the population will pay for is fairly certain to earn you a higher profit than you would otherwise get from selling to your own population.