Ships are built in the shipyard using parts produced by the naval engineer and captains bought from the ruby shop under the Tavern category. The Lighthouse limits how many ships you can have active at the same time.

Buildings and requirements Edit

There are several things necessary before you could build your own ships.

Total population Edit

Your main limitation will come from unlocking buildings based on your total population and how many Vassals, Merchants and Imperials you have. It also unlocks the different tiered captains in the ruby shop (under the Tavern tab).

Requirement Unlocks

B rger 1 900 Vassals

B rger 1 1,500 Vassals

  • Able to upgrade the lighthouse to level 2.
  • Able to construct delicate discovery ship.
  • Able to construct colonization ship.
  • New island slot (first out of four based on population).

Patrizier 1 250 Merchants

Patrizier 1 1000 Merchants

Patrizier 1 2,000 Merchants

Patrizier 1 2,500 Merchants

Patrizier 1 3,000 Merchants

Adlige 11 Imperial

Adlige 1 1,000 Imperials

Adlige 1 1,500 Imperials

Adlige 1 2,500 Imperials

Adlige 1 4,000 Imperials

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 The ship captains can be bought in the ruby shop under the Tavern category.

Shipyard Edit


The Shipyard is where you actually build the ships, once you have the necessary building materials and a suitable captain for your ship. Once built, the ship will be in your inventory [1]. Go to the island you want it anchored [2] to and apply it there, it will then sail out to where the lighthouse is [3].

  1. They will not cost you any upkeep nor will they count towards your ship-limit while they sit in your inventory.
  2. Anchoring a ship to an island means that if you ever abandon the island, for example in favour of a better one, all the ships anchored to that island will be lost.
  3. Or where it would be if you don't have a lighthouse on the island you're anchoring it at. The spot is slightly down to your right from the harbourmaster's office.

Naval engineer Edit


The naval engineer building can produce the necessary ship's planks and sailcloth as well as their improved variants. You can also build upgrades for your ships.


Lighthouse Edit


Each ship will take up one slot of the maximum number of ships your Lighthouse can maintain. All ships have the same requirement of a single slot, be that a small, medium or large ship. Upgrading the lighthouse will increase the number of ships you can actively maintain.


Captains Edit

Part of the requirement to build a ship is to hire an appropriate ship's captain to commandeer your ship. Which type of captain you'll use will depend on what type of ship you're building and how well you want the ship to perform. Certain captains have tiers where each tier will improve the quality of their work (like treasure hunters or sailors), while others are single tier captains that are simply required to do what they do (like the mate and the merchant).

As of July 9th 2013, the captains are part of the building process and necessary as you build the ship in the shipyard [1].

  1. Previously you built the ship as a stand-alone hull and then used the captains as upgrades on the ship itself, to make it useful. This is no longer the case.

Ship types Edit

Ships come in various types each for a specific purpose based on which captain you selected to commandeer the vessel. Some of the types can be built in various sizes, increasing different aspects of their purpose.

Treasure hunter ships Edit

Treasure hunt ships come in three tiers and three sizes. See treasure hunting for more details.

Size / Tier Inexperienced treasure hunter Inexperienced Experienced treasure hunter Experienced Lucky treasure hunter Lucky
SmallShip Small ship Delicate treasure ship Humble treasure ship Remarkable treasure ship
MediumShip Medium ship Standard treasure ship Ordinary treasure ship Impressive treasure ship
LargeShip Large ship Improved treasure ship Decent treasure ship Magnificent treasure ship

Discovery ships Edit

Discovery hunt ships come in three tiers and three sizes. See discovery for more details.

Size / Tier Sailor Sailor CapableSailor Capable sailor ExperiencedSailor Experienced sailor
SmallShip Small ship Delicate discovery ship Humble discovery ship Remarkable discovery ship
MediumShip Medium ship Standard discovery ship Ordinary discovery ship Impressive discovery ship
LargeShip Large ship Improved discovery ship Decent discovery ship Magnificent discovery ship

Colonisation ships Edit

There is currently only one type of ship to colonise other islands. The colonisation ship is used up when the island is colonised.

This class of ships doesn't exist anymore ; islands are colonised directly.

Size Captain Ship Travel time
SmallShip Small ship Loadsman Loadsman Small colonisation ship Hourglass 5 hours

Transport ships Edit

Transports come in three sizes. They load/unload goods at docks.

Size Captain Ship Capacity/Item slots Travel time
SmallShip Small ship Mate Mate Small transport ship CargoRuby 40 / 1 Hourglass 15m 0s
MediumShip Medium ship Mate Mate Medium transport ship CargoRuby 70 / 2 Hourglass 15m 0s
LargeShip Large ship Mate Mate Large transport ship CargoRuby 130 / 3 Hourglass 15m 0s

Trade ships Edit

Trade ships come in three sizes and can double as transport ships as well. For trading, they utilise trade storehouses.

Size Captain Ship Capacity/Item slots Travel time
SmallShip Small ship MerchantSailor Merchant Small trade ship CargoRuby 40 / 1 Hourglass 20m 0s
MediumShip Medium ship MerchantSailor Merchant Medium trade ship CargoRuby 70 / 2 Hourglass 20m 0s
LargeShip Large ship MerchantSailor Merchant Large trade ship CargoRuby 130 / 3 Hourglass 20m 0s