Patch 1629 was announced on Friday 24th of May 2013

Patch Details

Patch Version







Open Beta 1.0


Patch 1638

It is to be the first patch applied with accompanying release notes.

New featuresEdit

Building rotations now are randomized instead of following a pattern. The construction menu now has new, unique icons:

  • Distribution house
  • Treasury
  • Provision house
  • Naval Engineer
  • Pier
  • Trade Storehouse
  • Marketplace tiers (they now show its level)

Trade ships can transport goods between your own islands now.

BB employees now have a different color on the chat (slightly lighter blue)

New balancing:Edit

-Shiplimit and related upkeep costs of lighthouse set to: 5 -> 8 -> 12 -> 16 -> 22 -> 28 -> 36 -> 45

-Charcoal burner’s collection radius has been increased.

-Goat milk consumption has been slightly decreased for all tiers

-Fish production time has been slightly increased to 110 seconds

-Goat production time has been increased to 235 seconds

-Taxes for Fish and Milk have been increased for all civilization tiers

-The influence area for the Carpenter, Fire station, Large Marketplace, Tournament arena, Debtor’s prison, XL marketplace, Surgery have been increased.

-The upkeep costs for the aforementioned buildings have been reduced.

-Added a new item to the shop: Starter Package. Costs 495 rubies and contains the following:

-160 Wood -20.000 coins -2 meals -1 Virgin Mary shrine


Players can purchase the guild hall upon reaching the population of 1 merchant Or they can access the guild feature right away by purchasing the Guild hall from the shop (375 rubies)

Players can invite friends to the guild, and use the guild chat channel.


-Fixed a bug where the tooltip from a ship could still be seen even after the ship has disappeared.

-Fixed a bug that prevented players to click and scroll around the chat window.

-Upgrading residencies are now consistent with the other upgrade icons.

-The whispers received when the Chat Windows are compressed no longer overlap the UI.

-If a player can’t afford an island slot, he now receives the correct message.

-When trying to cancel an item being produced on the Provision house, Naval Engineer, or Shipyard, it now shows a message stating that resources will be lost for the item that is currently being produced.

-Changing the sound settings on and off on a rapid succession no longer makes multiple music tracks to sound simultaneously.

-Fixed a bug where sending an e-mail with a subject line longer than 255 characters would cause locks.

-Shop items that have a long name no longer cause the window to stretch out of the frame.

-“Residents moving out” tooltip no longer shows placeholder text.

-Fixed all the shop item titles that spilt out from their title bar.

-Ship tooltips now show the correct information relating capacity as it shows on the shop.

-Fixed a problem on item producers, where clicking on the shipyard while producing something on the provision house would show you the aforementioned item on the shipyard.

-The island overview screen now shows the names of the islands correctly for transport routes.

-If you create a transfer route with goods on both sides the ship will enter the second island twice (after arriving on the second island the ship goes to the harbour, load/unload goods, drove away, and returned immediatly to the second island) This problem has been fixed.

-Completed quest arrow no longer overlaps the “new quest” arrow.

-Ruby costs for items in the item producer no longer shows in red, unless the player can’t afford it.

-Selecting a mine no longer shows a darkened ISO grid.

-Trade timers in the harbormaster’s office now shows accurate information.

-The first quest’s advisor explaining the influence areas has been reworked and now has a clearer text. (German Only)

-Notifications for newly discovered islands now show the correct text.

-The tooltip for “stop production” now shows the correct text.

-The tooltips for the inventory item of some shop islands have been reduced a bit.

-Items that have a purchase limit on the shop now update the limit accordingly upon purchase.

-Deactivating the infolayers on the options menu now successfully deactivates all of them.

-The construction menu now resizes automatically when a new type of building is unlocked.

-Items can now be rotated when in “move” mode, if they are moved on the same place they were (for example, hedge corners).

-Ships now sail away again instead of disappearing.

-Dirt roads can no longer be build over stone roads.

-The large ship on the shipyard now unlocks at the same time than the parts it requires.

-Influence areas for deleted buildings are no longer shown.

-Fixed a bug that allowed farm fields to be placed outside the main farm’s influence area radius.

-The shop island with Apples and Beeswax fertilities now shows the correct amount of copper mines on the tooltip and the shop page.

-Piers are erasable again.

“Spacious Cargo Hold” are now unlocked on the third city level after reaching Noblemen.

-Hungarian version of the game now shows localized texts for the Options menu.

-Tooltips in the Island overview menu show the correct text on its buttons.

-QA NOTE: There is a bug where players could build a trade storehouse over the dock on a newly colonized island. Although this bug has been fixed and should prevent future applications, people who has been already affected by this will need to manually delete the trade storehouse and build the dock.