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The Harbourmaster's office sends out carts to retrieve goods from workyards. From Level 2 onwards, it also provides Pier slots for Trade storehouses, Docks and Repair cranes to be built. Unlike most buildings, you do not build the Harbourmaster's office directly.

  • On each island the Harbourmaster's office is built automatically.
  • On all colonised islands the Harbourmaster's office is at level 2 and has a dock.
Build/Upgrade Costs

Level (Required population)

Coin Wood Stone Tools Glass Carts/Pier slots
Level 1 Coins N/A Wood N/A N/A N/A N/A Carts 1 / 0
Level 2 (1500 vassals) Coins 125.0k Wood 175 Stone 225 N/A N/A Carts 2 / 1
Level 3 (2000 merchants) Coins 700.0k Wood 900 Stone 600 Tools 425 N/A Carts3 / 2
Level 4 (500 imperials) Coins1.8M Wood1800 Stone1100 Tools575 Glass325 Carts4 / 3