Anno-online Wiki

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions about the game.


How do I rotate a building?[]

Press R whilst the mouse is "holding" the building for placement or moving, or you can use the rotation menu that pops up beside your population display. (Some farm extensions may need to be deleted before you can create a new rotated one).

How do I check my income?[]

The income mentioned in the top bar is your income every 30 seconds.

I was ascending my pioneer residences to vassal residences but now I can't upgrade any more. Why?[]

You can't ascend all your residences. For every 10 pioneer residences you build, you can upgrade 5 of them to vassal residences. To see how many residences are available for ascension, have a look in the menu by clicking the top right population icon.

Same thing goes further: for every 10 vassal residences you can upgrade 5 to merchants residences, and for every 10 merchants residences, 4 can be upgraded to imperials residences.

What is my current city size?[]

Have a look at the settlement ranks page.

How can I visit my friend?[]

After the last update, you can now visit friends.

Click on the heart in bottom left corner where a list of your friends should pop up, right click the friend you want to visit and click "visit".

How can I sell/trade my resources?[]

You need a pier and a trade storehouse. Then, you can access the trade option through your harbourmaster's office.

What's the best production chain for X?[]

You can find all about production chains on Ultrafine's fansite.


How do I edit the Wiki?[]

Editing the Wiki isn't hard. Go to the top of the page. Next to the title is a button Edit. Click it. Now you will enter the editing screen and you can apply changes to the page. If you are finished click the Publish button on the right side of the screen.