DistributionCart Distribution house
(Level 1)
Big warehouse
Construction Cost Coin 2150 · Wood 20
Upkeep BalanceMove -2
Dimensions Move 4x4
Unlock 25 Pioneers

The Distribution house is one of the first buildings you can build. Because the collection of goods is done by the Distribution houses' Market Carts, every production building has to be placed in the influence area of a Distribution House and both buildings have to be connected by a Road. You'll receive a warning if you want to place a production building outside the influence areas of your Distribution house.

As the Harbourmaster's office serves the same purpose, it is (in the beginning of the game) only necessary to build Distribution houses if you place your production buildings outside the influence area of the Harbourmaster's office.


Level Upgrade Costs Carts Upkeep Unlock
Coin Wood Stone Tools Glass
Level 1 Coin 2,150 Wood 20 N/A N/A N/A DistributionCart 1 BalanceMove -2 25 Pioneers
Level 2 Coin 125.0K Wood 175 Stone 225 N/A N/A DistributionCart 2 BalanceMove -2 1500 Vassals
Level 3 Coin 300.0K Wood 400 Stone 250 Tools 175 N/A DistributionCart 3 BalanceMove -2 2000 Merchants
Level 4 Coin 800.0K Wood 800 Stone 500 Tools 250 Glass 175 DistributionCart 4 BalanceMove -2 500 Imperials


The Distribution house changes appearance when it is upgraded to higher levels.