Anno-online Wiki
Resource Type Building Material
Source Mountains (Mine) or Forest (Charcoal)
Production / Cost per unit Coal Mine (1 unit in 105 seconds; @1 imperial) or Charcoal Burner's Hut (1 unit in 210 seconds; @1500 vassals) / 105 Coin
Usage Used together with Iron Ore to make Iron. (1 merchant; @ Iron Ore Smelter)

Used together with Iron to make Tools. (1 merchant; @Toolmaker's Workshop)

Used together with Brine to make Salt (2000 merchants; @Salt Works)

Used together with Copper Ore to make Copper (1000 imperials; @Copper Ore Smelter)

Used together with Gold Ore to make Gold (4000 imperials; @Gold Ore Smelter)