Anno-online Wiki

Purpose of the Game

As with other city simulation games, you must balance the wealth and resources of the land in order to grow improbably large cities teeming with people who will pay to buy goods.

In Anno Online, you can also while away the time between city management bursts and trading frenzies by chatting or mailing with other players, maybe making alliances that will serve you well in Guild and Server-wide competitions.

Starting Game Conditions[]

You start out the game on your home island. It is divided into seven sectors, six of them hidden by fog-of-war. Your first sector has the following natural resources: trees, fish shoals, land.

To be allowed to explore new sectors, your existing city must reach a particular level of development. When you unlock the ability to explore a new sector you will receive a Quest to do so; more on that later. Each sector you explore might provide you with new natural resources, which will in turn unlock more buildings and manufacturing opportunities.

Your home island only has one structure when you start the game, the harbormasters Office. Over the harbor shore, a fixed platform rests atop pilings and clings onto a short pier. Slowly rotting on its surface are a couple of large decrepit buildings. The good news is that you have to pay zero maintenance costs to keep this building running.

You are given a reserve of 51,000 gold coins to help you cover start-up expenses. Service and Resource buildings will charge you maintenance costs per minute, while Residences will provide a revenue from purchasing goods per minute. There are no taxes, your money comes from a treasure ship that comes by every now and then, from your people buying goods, and from a subsidy provided by Northburgh, the person who walks you through building your city. Gold coins are often paid during construction of new buildings, as well.

You are given 50 wood logs to construct your first few buildings.

You start the game with a population of zero.

The first steps to take are:

  • build 1 woodlogger
  • connect to harbour building with street
  • build 1 fisherman
  • connect to harbour building with street
  • build a market place (no need to connect to harbour)
  • build a house and connect the house to market

Now examine the top righ panel, see the fish and wood come in and being consumed. It shows the production and consumption per hour. Click the market see the consumption and income. Click the house and see what the inhabitants need. Click the fisherman and see how much fish it produces (the time is given in minutes per 1 fish).

Now build more loggers and houses untill all fish is being eaten and more wood is coming in.

New players bug with advisor/tutor. (21-6-2014)[]

When the tutor is not immediatly visible in the top left of the screen do the following:

  • use the cog-wheel (bottom right) to switch the game advisor OFF
  • refresh the browser (F5, or ctrl-F5)
  • the advisor should come up now.
  • switch the advisor on (bottom right cog-wheel)

if no success, press the question mark (lower left) for the ingame community chat help.